Out with the old, in with the flu
Sep 13, 2023

Out with the old, in with the flu

A key ingredient found in most oral decongestants doesn't work, according to a new report by the FDA. What can the cold and flu industry peddle instead?

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New York's pension fund and the state of Oregon are suing Fox

The states say that by “peddling falsehoods,” Fox invited defamation lawsuits, which hurt them as investors.

The most popular over-the-counter decongestant doesn't work, FDA panel finds

Sep 13, 2023
It replaced a decongestant that's a precursor to methamphetamine.
U.S. consumers bought bought nearly three hundred million packages of over the counter oral decongestants last year, according to the FDA.
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Chinese video game designers experiment with AI

Sep 13, 2023
China's video gaming sector is the first to feel the impact of generative artificial intelligence.
An AI-generated animation character by a Chinese video gaming firm in Chengdu city.
Charles Zhang/Marketplace

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