Gender parity may still be more than 100 years away
Jul 14, 2022

Gender parity may still be more than 100 years away

Diane Swonk of Grant Thornton joins us on a day where stocks have opened lower and the producer price index is up. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is entertaining the idea of a price cap on Russian oil. The World Economic Forum once calculated that it would take a century to reach gender parity around the globe. Now ... it says it'll take even longer.

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It will take 132 years to achieve global gender parity, World Economic Forum report finds

Jul 14, 2022
That's a significant increase from the pre-pandemic estimate of 100 years. The pandemic worsened existing political, economic, educational and health inequalities between men and women.
The World Economic Forum added another 32 years to the century-long timetable it says it will take to reach gender parity.
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