Oh, great. Another work happy hour.
Jul 15, 2022

Oh, great. Another work happy hour.

Social events in the workplace can be great if you're new or need a chance to network. And don't get me wrong — you don't want a completely bleak work environment with no play. But the "forced fun" can get old real quick. As part of our Econ Extra Credit project, this month we're watching the Apple TV+ show "Severance," which satirizes all that office merriment. Also on the show today: a progress report for U.S. oil producers who are trying to pump more crude to help bring fuel and energy prices down.

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U.S. oil producers are trying to pump more crude and refine it. But it's just not happening as fast as everyone would like it to.

Marketplace’s Andy Uhler reports from West Texas oil country.

Why are office parties so awkward?

It's just another example of "forced fun" at work, something we take a look at in the show "Severance" for Econ Extra Credit.
Tramell Tillman and Britt Lower dancing during the short office party scene in "Severance."
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