“Nomadland”: Life going from one Amazon warehouse to the next
Mar 16, 2021

“Nomadland”: Life going from one Amazon warehouse to the next

With the film "Nomadland" earning an Academy Award nomination for best picture, among others, we hear from two "nomads" who live on the road and work in Amazon warehouses. Plus, a brand firm takes a controlling stake in the parent company of Toys R Us, with plans to open new stores in the U.S.

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American "nomads" and their "love-hate" relationship with Amazon's CamperForce

Mar 16, 2021
Rebecca Bailey and Hakam Salahuddin are a retired nomad couple who document their travels on their blog, The Tin Can Travelers.
"Nomads" live in RVs, campers or other vehicles and travel around the U.S., picking up seasonal work to make ends meet. Pictured: From left to right, nomads Hakam Salahuddin and Rebecca Bailey, and their dog, Beefy.
Courtesy of Salahuddin and Bailey

Toys R Us, under new ownership, plans to open stores

Mar 16, 2021
Since Toys R Us went into liquidation in 2018, retailers like Target, Walmart and Amazon have expanded efforts in the toy sector.
People are still familiar with the Toys R Us brand, said Sean McGowan at Gateway Investor Relations. He said the company’s new stores are likely to focus on the experience of buying toys.
Leon Neal/Getty Images

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