Move over Silicon Valley, NYC wants to become the next tech hub
Feb 24, 2023

Move over Silicon Valley, NYC wants to become the next tech hub

As technology becomes an increasingly large share of the U.S. economy, tech firms are setting up shop in cities outside of the traditional confines of Silicon Valley. We look at the burgeoning sector in New York City with Julie Samuels, president and director of Tech:NYC, a trade group. The Biden administration has announced new sanctions on Russia in concert with European allies — the additional U.S. restrictions are designed to hit Russian imports and individuals. And, a look into why GDP estimates are almost always changed after they're released. 

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New York City's push to become a tech hub

New tech is sprouting up in subsectors that already thrive in NYC, like finance and media, according to Tech:NYC's Julie Samuels.
The New York City skyline as seen from Cornell Tech on Roosevelt Island.
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