New loan, who dis?
Jan 10, 2020

New loan, who dis?

What the positive trend in new jobs doesn't tell us about stagnant wages. Boeing's incoming CEO faces an uphill battle. Kelly Peeler is helping tackle the student debt crisis, one text at a time.

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Wages grew faster in past expansions

Jan 10, 2020
When unemployment is low, wages typically shoot up. But wages are growing more slowly than they did 20 years ago.
Even though unemployment is at a 50 year low, wages have room to grow. Above, a Fight for 15 protest in New York.
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Incoming Boeing CEO has much to turn around

Jan 10, 2020
Boeing Chairman David Calhoun takes over as the company's new CEO Monday.
A 737 MAX airplane is pictured on the tarmac with its signature winglet and fuel efficient engines outside the company's factory on March 11, 2019 in Renton, Washington.
Stephen Brashear/Getty Images

Kelly Peeler: Taking on the Goliath of student loans ... via text

Jan 10, 2020
"There's a market to be the David versus the Goliath that's already there ... I like being the David."
MoneyMentor founder, Kelly Peeler
Courtesy of Kelly Peeler

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