Rosie the Riveter and Uncle Sam encourage service members to get the COVID vaccine
May 26, 2021

Rosie the Riveter and Uncle Sam encourage service members to get the COVID vaccine

We visit the airfield hangar at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, for a look at how military leaders are trying to convince soldiers to get vaccinated. Plus, the CEOs of big banks are testifying in Congress this week. We preview what they'll be talking about. And, with more people out and about, the beauty market is rebounding.

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Bank CEOs will likely face social issue questions from Congress

May 26, 2021
The bank leaders may be asked about diversity and lending practices during the pandemic.
Kena Betancur/AFP via Getty Images

The beauty market is getting a makeover as recovery continues

May 26, 2021
It's rebounding after sales in the U.S. prestige beauty market declined almost 20% last year, according to the NPD Group.
People are splurging on some beauty products as reopenings continue and mask mandates are loosened.
Glyn Kirk/AFP via Getty Images

Military leaders encourage hesitant service members to get vaccinated

May 26, 2021
Many people in the military are already fully immunized. Others are taking more time to convince.
Spc. Lorrin Rice, 35 weeks pregnant, waiting to get vaccinated at Fort Campbell, Kentucky.
Blake Farmer/WPLN News

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