Meet the Fed’s circle of power: The board of governors
Sep 22, 2021

Meet the Fed’s circle of power: The board of governors

Also today: We explore how the anti-abortion law in Texas could have an effect on recruiting in the tech industry. We also examine how some hospital systems still face overwhelming odds in the fight against COVID-19.

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Could new Texas anti-abortion law hamper high tech recruitment?

Sep 22, 2021
One Austin high tech entrepreneur said he's already hearing from potential workers who have questions about whether the state is a good cultural fit.
Abortion rights activists rally at the Texas State Capitol on Sep. 11, in Austin, Texas.
Jordan Vonderhaar via Getty Images

Hospitals of all sizes struggle as COVID patients overwhelm capacity

Sep 22, 2021
As smaller hospitals try to find beds, large medical facilities in some areas are straining to find the staff to handle patients in need of high-level care.
A COVID-19 patient uses a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine to help her breathe in a COVID holding pod at Providence St. Mary Medical Center in Apple Valley, California.

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