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Meet the Afghan central bank governor who escaped from the Taliban
Aug 18, 2021

Meet the Afghan central bank governor who escaped from the Taliban

We also check in on how small businesses are offering higher wages and better benefits in the hopes of trying to keep their workers from leaving for higher-paying jobs.  

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Workers want better pay and incentives, and businesses are responding

Aug 18, 2021
The response, however, has led to a shift in the workforce where people are still leaving for even better-paying jobs. Small businesses are trying to keep up.
Many small businesses are realizing they have to compete with the amount of money people are receiving in unemployment benefits if they want to fill empty positions.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Head of Afghan central bank warns of further economic collapse under Taliban

Aug 18, 2021
Ajmal Ahmady, whose dramatic exit from the country was described in viral tweets, says inflation and poverty will likely rise.
Neat piles of Afghan currency are shown at the central bank in Kabul, Afghanistan, in 2002.
Chris Hondros via Getty Images

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