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Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday, March 23, 2011

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Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Segments From this episode

Health reform

The public perception of health care reform

by Marketplace Staff Mar 23, 2011
Kaiser Family Foundation president Drew Altman speaks about the state of public sentiment regarding the health care law, one year after it was passed.

Getting around the New York Times paywall

by Gregory Warner Mar 23, 2011
With people already devising ways to outsmart the newspaper's paywall, is it a sign that the plan is doomed before it begins?
Economy 4.0

New accounts let anyone bet against the dollar

by David Brancaccio Mar 23, 2011
The new yuan-denominated accounts at the Bank of China in New York and California are the latest sign of the end of dollar dominance.

Menthol escapes FDA ban

by Jennifer Collins Mar 23, 2011
An FDA advisory panel says menthols are harmful, but shouldn't be pulled from the market.
BBC World Service

Egyptian stock market reopens

by Jonathan Head Mar 23, 2011
Egypt's stock market dropped 10 percent in the space of just a minute. The exchange had been closed since January 27 due to the country's civil and economic unrest.

European debt crisis returns -- in Portugal

by Stephen Beard Mar 23, 2011
Portugal's parliament is expected to vote on austerity measures today. If the measures are rejected, Portugal's government could collapse a day before a key European summit on debt.

Tokyo officials issue warning on tap water

by Marketplace Staff Mar 23, 2011
Health officials in Japan said Tokyo residents shouldn't feed tap water to infants. From Tokyo, the Wall Street Journal's Yumiko Ono explains how the new water warnings are being felt by her, her office, and life for workers in Japan.

Egyptian market plunges after opening

by Marketplace Staff Mar 23, 2011
The Egyptian stock exchanged opened for the first time in nearly two months this morning. But after the market dove nearly 10 percent after its initial opening, trading was halted again.
Japan's quake

U.S. aid to Japan may help improve ties between nations

by Rob Schmitz Mar 23, 2011
Japan's government is estimating this month's earthquake and tsunami could cost as much as $309 billion, more than twice the cost of Hurricane Katrina. And the U.S. military is spending a lot trying to help.

Judge shelves Google Books settlement

by David Gura Mar 23, 2011
A judge has rejected Google Books' settlement between authors and publishers in its bid to digitize a world's worth of books.

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