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Mar 19, 2008

Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Segments From this episode

What the Fed should demand in return

Mar 18, 2008
Whether you call it a bailout or not, the Fed is aggressively intervening in Wall Street's business. Commentator Robert Reich has no problem with the Fed stepping in -- as long as it demands something in return.

Word on the Wall Street

Mar 19, 2008
We've been hearing a lot about the economy lately from analysts and administrators alike. But what are they saying on Wall Street? We went down there to talk to a few people -- investors or not -- and find out.

Bear investor could be planning revolt

Mar 19, 2008
With the Bear Stearns deal encouraging JP Morgan to buy the bank for just $2 a share, some shareholders stand to lose a lot of money. Stephen Beard reports one large investor is attempting to turn around the low-ball offer.

Starbucks tries to roast its competition

Mar 19, 2008
Since other fast food companies have started offering coffee drinks, Starbucks has been seeing their profits drop. Lisa Napoli reports how the coffee giant plans to rebound from recent competition.

A new kind of call to prayer

Mar 19, 2008
Israeli high-tech expert Avshalom Neumann was inspired to set up a business after he saw a religious pilgrim call home from Jerusalem's Wailing Wall. Orly Halpern has more on his call-in prayer service.

Mortgage refinancing can't help if low

Mar 19, 2008
Mortgage refinancing has been at its lowest level since December, and policymakers have been hoping refinancing could help end the crisis in the financial markets. Jeremy Hobson reports.

Limitless mp3s for a one-time cost?

Mar 19, 2008
What if, instead of paying per song, your iPod came with every song on iTunes? There are reports of such a subscription service in the works, but Janet Babin reports that might be exactly the opposite of what the music…

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