Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday July 23,2014

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The drumbeat of scandals involving big banks has been good news for smaller ones. Credit unions and regional banks are gaining customers by emphasizing their local roots and trustworthiness, which is also drawing interest from investors. Plus, it may surprise you to know that Blockbuster stores are still alive and well… in Mexico. That’s because so few Mexicans have an internet connection. But Netflix has a new “gift card” strategy to take over the Mexican market.

Abuse of human growth hormone on the rise in teens

Teen athletes aren't the only ones abusing HGH.
Posted In: human growth hormone

PODCAST: Netflix goes global

A profits round-up, Netflix goes global, and Manchester United plays stateside.

Little banks swing (and miss) at the big guys

People hate big banks, but small banks are struggling to win them over.
Posted In: bank, small banks, credit unions

Netflix goes global. Will it pay off?

Netflix will expand into Europe this fall, but the move could be expensive.
Posted In: netflix, Mexico, Blockbuster

High cotton and southern language

Finding economic history in Southern expressions.
Posted In: South, language

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