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Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday July 16, 2014

Recent reports claim kidney donors face insurances challenges after they donate, which might discourage potential donors in the future. We investigate. Also, we provide a preview on Bank of America earnings report and also look at how much the bank has set aside for mortgage settlements. Plus, to political candidates, e-mail is extremely important. Campaigns spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to maximize the effectiveness of those e-mails. Yeah, they want us to vote, but they also want us to give - early and often. We explore the science of the fundraising e-mail. And after, urban bike-sharing programs have exploded- there are now more than 30 in the U.S., with more in the pipeline. However, there have been growing pains, the biggest of which, users don't see: the bikes they're not riding because the biggest supplier went bankrupt six months ago. That's held back expansion in some of the biggest, most-popular programs, and stalled others in the pipeline.

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