Jan 27, 2010

Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday, January 27, 2010

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Toyota puts brakes on certain car sales

Jan 27, 2010
Toyota has told its dealers not to sell any more of many of their most popular vehicles, including Camrys and Avalons, until the car maker has figured out an acceleration problem. Steve Chiotakis talks to Marketplace's Mitchell Hartman.

What they're really doing in Davos

Jan 27, 2010
Some of the world's most high-powered people are meeting in Davos not to make decisions, but to get to know each other and face the problems together. Steve Chiotakis gets a brief overview of Davos from Marketplace's Stephen Beard, who is at the event.

Argentina's central bank in conflict

Jan 27, 2010
The head of Argentina's central bank looks as though he might call it quits amidst a public spat. Reporter Ian Mount explains the conflict and why Argentinian President Fernandez de Kirchner is in an uproar.

Obama could ease student loan burden

Jan 27, 2010
Right now, most college graduates must spend 15 percent of their disposable income paying off their federal student loans monthly for up to 25 years. But one of President Obama's new initiatives could help relieve that burden. Caitlan Carroll explains.

Sorting through Apple's latest i-rumors

Jan 27, 2010
As with any Apple device, the new technology Steve Jobs is set to unveil is shrouded in mystery and steeped in rumor. Marketplace's Gregory Warner sorts through the hype and tells us what we might be able to expect.

PGA can't get sponsors on course

Jan 27, 2010
After the Tiger Woods scandal, the PGA is finding it has to scramble to obtain corporate sponsorships, which used to come much easier. Will this continue when Woods inevitably returns to the game? Nancy Marshall Genzer reports.

A case for renewable energy in Davos

Jan 27, 2010
Bill Radke talks to Davos attendee Bill Gross, CEO of the Pasadena Company eSolar, about his eco-initiative building solar thermal plants in China and what message he wants to share at the World Economic Forum.

How Obama can reassure the U.S.

Jan 27, 2010
What's the most important thing President Obama can say in his State of the Union address to reassure Americans his plans will work to improve the economy? Steve Chiotakis talks to analyst Richard DeKaser.

Leaders criticize bank over-regulation

Jan 28, 2010
At the Davos conference, business leaders warned cracking down on the banks could sabotage economic recovery. Bankers criticized President Obama's plans to cut big banks down to size. Stephen Beard reports.

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