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Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday, Feb. 4, 2015

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Airing on Wednesday, Feb. 4, 2015: We’ll lead with how today’s strong dollar pulls value out of Michigan and sends it to Tokyo or Stuttgart. Plus, Coca-Cola is launching a premium fortified de-sugared lactose-free milk. Can Coke do for milk what it’s done for OJ and water? And when a city mismanages its water supply, getting neighbors to help out is no slam dunk. Waukesha, Wisconsin, is learning that as it seeks to tap Lake Michigan for its drinking water. Because of the Great Lakes Compact, eight governors have to sign off, even Andrew Cuomo way over there in New York, nearly 1,000 miles away. This story from our series looking at the true cost of water called “Water: The High Price of Cheap.”



Segments From this episode

Water: The high price of cheap

Protecting the waters of Lake Michigan

by Sarah Gardner Feb 4, 2015
More on the "legal water fence" that surrounds the Great Lakes basin.

Coke's got milk. Premium milk.

by Gigi Douban Feb 4, 2015
More protein, less sugar, but real milk.

The President's defense budget 'hike'

by Tim Fitzsimons Feb 4, 2015
These days, defense spending is about more than just the Pentagon's budget.
Mid-day Update

PODCAST: Increasing military spending

by David Brancaccio Feb 4, 2015
Improved job markets, military spending, and real estate earnings.

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