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Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday Feb. 18, 2015

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Airing on Wednesday Feb. 18, 2015: Today, Swiss prosecutors raided the Geneva office of the second largest bank in the world, HSBC. The allegations are described as “aggravated money laundering.” More on that. Plus, we look at the situation this morning with Greece and debt relief with the possibility of global financial instability if Greece has to switch from the euro back to the drachma. Regardless of whether Greece stays in the eurozone or leaves, a key challenge will be collecting taxes, with some Greeks raising tax avoidance to a high art. And the postal delivery van, that boxy fixture of the American landscape, is going to get a makeover. The vehicles guzzle fuel and cost thousands of dollars a year per truck in maintenance. Representatives from car companies are meeting with the post office today to talk over what the next mail truck might look like. 

Segments From this episode

Growth of fair trade brings benefits for artisans

by Laurie Stern Feb 18, 2015
Big American retailers are looking to sell more traditional, hand-made items.

Postal Service wants a redesigned mail truck

by Nova Safo Feb 18, 2015
The boxy trucks we see every day are headed for retirement.

Exiting U.S. Attorney General's last act

by Mitchell Hartman Feb 18, 2015
Eric Holder is acting lawman one final time.
Mid-day Update

PODCAST: A good time to be in the air freight industry

by David Brancaccio Feb 18, 2015
Attorney General Eric Holder's last act, a good time for air freight industry, and fair trade heads to retailers.

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