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Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday, April 8, 2015

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Airing on Wednesday, April 8th, 2015: There’s news this morning that Shell–Royal Dutch Shell–will merge with another huge natural gas and oil company BG group for just under $70 billion in cash and stock. BG provides a lot of the liquified natural gas in America and you know Shell already. Plus, California is experiencing the worst drought in a thousand years. A look at how that is hurting power generation. Finally, The government thinks patients, once released, are coming back to the hospital too soon. So a couple of years ago, the department of Health and Human Services decided to penalize a hospital’s Medicare reimbursements if the number of patients who came back to the hospital within 30 days exceeded the national average. The result…. hospitals are spending lots of money to find ways to keep patients from coming back. 

Segments From this episode

Hospitals innovate to keep patients from coming back

by Marketplace Contributor Apr 8, 2015
Health providers want to cut down on readmission rates.

Taking the hydro out of hydropower

by Sabri Ben-Achour Apr 8, 2015
California's drought is affecting its energy.

Uber picks up more corporate business

by Tracey Samuelson Apr 8, 2015
Business travelers don't care much about price. So why are they taking Uber?
Mid-day Update

PODCAST: Death and taxes and more

by David Brancaccio Apr 8, 2015
Beyond the cliché

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