Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, September 3, 2013

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Cellphone maker Nokia and tech giant Microsoft used to be co-workers who collaborated on smartphones using Windows software. But that relationship has blossomed into a full union. Microsoft will pay $7.2 billion for the handset business and intellectual property of the company. And in France, a group of unemployed workers grew frustrated with the job search, so they developed a new tactic to put themselves in front of potential employers. 

PODCAST: CBS and Time Warner reach an agreement...just in time for NFL season

Factory numbers showed a dip in August, but what does that mean for the domestic economy? CBS and Time Warner finally ended their stalemate. And it may be hard to believe, but China's wine industry is steadily growing. Could they be exporting soon?

The Pebble - the new crowdfunded smartwatch

A first-person review of the crowd-sourced smartwatch.
Posted In: smartwatch, the Pebble, samsung

Solving the perils of parking with big data

New apps and pilot programs are helping ease the pain of parking.

Microsoft bought Nokia, but how is the real economy?

A look at how factory numbers are affecting our domestic economy this week.
Posted In: Economy, business, factory

CBS and Time Warner reach an agreement and end the blackout

After a negotiation that involved everything short of biting and scratching, CBS and Time Warner cable have reached a deal, which means a CBS blackout for three million cable customers has ended.
Posted In: Time Warner, CBS, cable

China's burgeoning wine industry

The country may not be exporting their wine in the near future, but an increasing amount of Chinese are taking an interest to wine.
Posted In: China, wine, alcohol

Microsoft buys Nokia's devices for $7.2 billion

The tech giant is paying $ 2.2 billion to license Nokia patents.
Posted In: Microsoft, nokia, cell phones, windows, software

The end of Kodak moments?

Kodak is emerging from bankruptcy – with a new focus on commercial printing.
Posted In: kodak, photography, printing

Job Wanted: French Turn Resumes into Street Art

A group of unemployed workers in France developed a new tactic to put themselves in front of potential employers.
Posted In: France, resume, street art, art, Unemployment

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