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Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, October 23, 2012

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Among the topics discussed in last night’s debate, one word has caught the attention of global markets this morning: Sequestration. Today Facebook is set to release its second quarterly earnings report since going public back in May. Alan Wurtzel, former CEO of Circuit City, shares his views about the downfall of the company and his new book. Yesterday, several Texas school districts began their court case against the way the state funds public schools.

Segments From this episode

Facebook employees poised to cash in

by Marketplace Contributor Oct 23, 2012
Restrictions on the sale of Facebook stock by the social media firm's employees end this week, meaning many of them will be millionaires, not just millionaires "on paper." But the sale will likely drive the stock price down.

Alan Wurtzel on why Circuit City went bust

by Jeremy Hobson Oct 23, 2012
Alan Wurtzel, son of the store's founder, details the transformation of the company over the years in his new book, “Good to Great to Gone: The 60 Year Rise and Fall of Circuit City”.

Breaking down the China debate

by Rob Schmitz Oct 23, 2012
Last night's presidential debate about foreign policy covered a range of topics. As expected, the candidates touched on China and its high-profile relationship to the United States.

Texas schools districts suing state over budget cuts

by Marketplace Contributor Oct 23, 2012
The trial begins this week. Cash-starved school districts are arguing that big budget cuts violate the state constitution's guarantee of fair and adequate education for all its citizens.

President Obama drops budget surprise at third debate

by Mark Garrison Oct 23, 2012
President Obama's debate vow that a trillion dollars in automatic spending cuts “will not happen” took Washington by surprise. Making those words a reality will require a bipartisan deal that has been elusive so far.

Thrills and spills of high speed trading

by Stephen Beard Oct 23, 2012
It’s fast and furious, and highly controversial. High-frequency trading is the computer–based buying and selling of shares within fractions of a milli-second. A new study just out in Britain suggests this kind of trading is mostly beneficial.

For some businesses, words can't express what they do

by Doug Tribou Oct 23, 2012
From "Assurance" to "Esurance" to "preventistry," companies and marketers are increasingly creating new words to describe their businesses and what they offer.

Picking sides on the stimulus

by Jeff Horwich Oct 23, 2012
Are businesses that received money from the federal stimulus package now backing republicans who oppose the program?

iPad Mini aims to fill tablet-smartphone gap

by Jeff Horwich Oct 23, 2012
In two hours tech types will gather round their screens big and small for the latest unveiling from Apple. It is widely believed the presentation will introduce a smaller version of the iPad.

UPS and 3M lower earnings forecasts

by Jeff Horwich Oct 23, 2012
Earnings season continues this morning with a couple of giants: 3M and UPS. What do their earnings tell us about the state of the economy?
Mid-day Update

PODCAST: What's in a name, Blue Ivy and the Weather Channel

by Jeff Horwich Oct 23, 2012
The littler iPad -- a little late to the party -- not Apple's usual timing. A breakdown of all the China-talk from last night's debate, and are businesses that took stimulus money now supporting politicians against the program?

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