Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday June 3, 2014

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Harley Davidson
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Harley Davidson will start selling two new motorcycles aimed at women, who account for a small but growing segment of the motorcycle market. We look at Harley’s strategy and the potential payoff. Plus, reducing carbon emissions will cost utilities billions of dollars a year. But the effort will also create jobs – building new power plants, drilling new natural-gas wells, making efficiency improvements at all levels of the power and consumption grid. Also, American Express, maker of the famous Black Card, is now focusing its business model on low income Americans. AmEx recently launched an interesting partnership with Wal-Mart, creating an alternative checking/debit product called Bluebird, which is primarily free and focuses on the underbanked. We investigate. Then, we look at a new program that works to find jobs for those who are autistic.

Small businesses create new jobs for autistic adults

Small business models across the U.S. ease young people with autism into work.
Posted In: autism, Small Business
Mexican Sausage Crostini

PODCAST: Chicken wars over sausage; EPA creating green-jobs

The war for Jimmy Dean's, the creation of green-jobs, and the effort to make more home-grown products in the UK

President Obama to increase military presence in Europe

President Obama is asking for up to $1 billion to boost military in Europe
Posted In: Russia, ukraine, President Obama

I hide my assets in Bitcoin

Among the uses of the cryptocurrency is the ability to hide assets during divorce proceedings
Posted In: bitcoin, divorce
EPA Admin Gina McCarthy

Reduce carbon, create jobs?

The EPA says reducing carbon emissions will cost billions but create energy jobs.
Posted In: EPA, carbon emissions

Harley Davidson's fastest growing market? Women

The iconic motorcycle manufacturer wants to attract younger riders, and women.
Posted In: Harley-Davidson, motorcycles, bike

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