Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday June 17, 2014

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Coal now has the largest share of global energy market since 1970 as the cheap fuel continues to be used in developing countries. Even countries like Germany burn more coal because it's shut down its nukes. We investigate. Plus, the National Council on Teacher Quality has a report out tomorrow which is critical of teacher training programs at higher education institutions. It wants stricter criteria for those entering the programs, and for those programs themselves to be beefed up. But what do schools make of the criticisms? Also, though it’s far too early to know the cost of any further U.S. military action in Iraq, we explain how the economics behind intervention work. We also take a look at what’s a part of the standard military operating budget and what costs extra. Then, reporter Nicholas Wood is at the forefront of a new trend in travel called reality travel. Wood has started a company that allows travelers to visit countries that have made headlines because of political turmoil. The tourists learn the history of the region as part of the 9-day tour and are able to interact with politicians and other experts during their journey. 

Travel company bets on learning over leisure

You’ve heard of eco-tourism, but what about political tourism?
Posted In: holiday travel, Travel, politics

PODCAST: The state of the Argentine economy

Inflation, Apple's e-book woes, and a look at the state of the Argentine economy
China's Consumption Of Coal Steadily On The Rise

Coal's share of global energy is growing

BP's annual report on energy shows coal with its largest share since 1970.
Posted In: coal, fuel economy

Report says too many teachers-to-be are poor students

A report on Teacher Quality wants stricter criteria for teacher prep programs.
Posted In: teacher training, teacher pay, teachers

How the U.S. pays for its involvement in Iraq

What does the defense budget already have covered?
Posted In: Iraq war, defense department, navy

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