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Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, January 7, 2014

There was a fascinating moment yesterday at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas when Intel CEO Brian Krzanich turned the discussion to human rights. Intel says it will make sure that none of the raw materials in its chips comes from parts of the world where the proceeds lead to armed conflict and death, especially when they are mined in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Today, a federal appeals court hears arguments challenge a new rule forcing company to disclose the use of so-called conflict minerals. There's news China has lifted a ban on video game consoles in its free trade zone surrounding Shanghai. And, if money is power, then one place we have the most power is how we invest our savings. This is part of a larger movement called values investing. 

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Honey Bees that produce raw Wildflower honey work in their hive at a outdoor Farmer's Market August 15, 2013, in Washington, D.C.

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