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Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, April 14, 2015

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Airing on Tuesday, April 14, 2015:  There’s news today of merger talks between two telecommunications equipment makers, Nokia of Finland and Alcatel Lucent of France.  And there are a few strands of American DNA in there. Lucent is descendant of the old AT&T, bell labs, the people who invented the laser. Plus, JP Morgan Chase and Wells Fargo report earnings today. The news from General Electric last week implied that the bloom has come off the rose for finance: it’s no longer the sexy, risky, vast-amounts-of-money-making machine that it used to be, and many firms that aren’t banks want to get out of it. But what about companies that have finance as their core business? Finally, we speak to our own producer Josh Woo about what his Wheel of Fortune win means for him this tax season. 



Segments From this episode

A warning on the bond market

by David Weinberg Apr 14, 2015
Fed expressed concerns that "flash crash" could become more common

Lessons From the F-35

by Tim Fitzsimons Apr 14, 2015
How did the Pentagon’s F-35 fighter jet program, which was originally thought up as a way to cut costs, end up becoming the most expensive weapons program in history? Mackenzie Eaglen, a resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, says policymakers boxed themselves into this expensive fighter jet. “By canceling the F-22 air superiority fighter,” […]

Strong dollar lures Americans to Europe

by Lauren Silverman Apr 14, 2015
With the dollar creeping up on the euro, Americans are finding bargains in Europe.

What GE tells us about big bank earnings

by Stan Alcorn Apr 14, 2015
How are companies with finance as their core business faring?
Mid-day Update

Shopping in euro

by David Brancaccio Apr 14, 2015
Airing on Tuesday, April 14, 2015: We were out buying new sheets and pillow cases, khaki pants, Adirondack chairs, Ford Fusions and two by fours last month. That’s what the numbers suggest from the Commerce Department this morning, with retail sales up 9-10ths percent in March. Analysts see this as new evidence it was the […]

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