Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, September 19, 2013

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Europe's reaction to the big non-tapering Fed news. Companies now will have to report how their CEOs' pay stacks up against the pay of their other employees. And with Mexico close to missing out on next year's World Cup, a look at how important soccer is to the country's economy. 

Federal Reserve confounds the economic forecasters

The Federal Reserve's big surprise: no cuts to bond buying for now, the economy isn't strong enough.
Posted In: Fed, FOMC, tapering, stimulus, bond buying, Economy

Google announces new biotech company that will study human aging

The tech giant aims to study the biology behind the process of aging.
Posted In: Tech, Google, biotech, aging, Health, biology

PODCAST: The Fed throws economists off guard

The Federal Reserve's big surprise: no cuts to bond buying for now, the economy isn't strong enough. JPMorgan agrees to pay up big for trading loss. Homes in Indiana on sale for $1. And the glamorous side of journalism.

New job title: Mansion reporter

Publications are hiring reporters to cover the luxury life. Could you qualify?
Posted In: luxury, wealth, Jobs

New treatment center helps shed misconceptions about Internet addiction

The nation's first inpatient treatment center for Internet addiction opens in Pennsylvania.
Posted In: Internet addiction, treatment center, Internet, Health

'Liking' something on Facebook is now protected by the First Amendment

Now when you 'like' something on Facebook, you're exercising your First Amendment rights.
Posted In: Facebook, first amendment, free speech

Tapering? The Fed says, not so fast

For many economists, yesterday's news from the Federal Reserve came out of left field. Apparently, the economy still isn't strong enough to taper off that bond buying stimulus.

European markets surge in reaction to the Fed's decision

The Federal Reserve's big surprise: no cuts to bond buying for now. And European investors gladly welcome the news.
Posted In: European stock markets, Fed, FOMC, bond buying, stimulus, tapering

If Mexico doesn't qualify for the World Cup, the fans aren't the only ones that will be weeping

If the Mexican national soccer team doesn't qualify for next year's World Cup, it could be a big economic blow on both sides of the border.
Posted In: Mexico, soccer, Economy, Sports, World Cup

Mind the gap: What do CEO-to-worker pay ratios really reveal?

The SEC wants companies to disclose the gap between CEO and median-employee compensation. The idea gained traction after the financial crisis amid broader concerns about income inequality.
Posted In: CEO salaries, pay ratio, SEC, workforce, JPMorgan Chase, Chipotle

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