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Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday October 30, 2014

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They’re probably not sad about it, but the overseas oil cartel says these low crude prices could really hurt America’s domestic oil production. More on that. Next, we head to the politics of mixing fizzy drinks at home. Sodastream, based in Isreal, today released its quarterly profits…and something else. Plus, imagine if you had a new boss every few years. That’s what’s happening in many of our schools. Half of new principals leave in their third year on the job. A new report looks at the cost of that turnover to schools and kids. And in five days, the polls will be open.  And with gains for republicans predicted but not assured, we check in with Stan Collender, who contributes to Forbes, and who tracks the future of the federal budget like a gearhead follows cars.   

Segments From this episode

Learning Curve

@College Let me in! #prettyplease

by Adriene Hill Oct 30, 2014
College admissions officers keep a close eye on social media.

In-flight entertainment's future may be on your tablet

by Kate Davidson Oct 30, 2014
BYOD: Bring your own device.

The high cost of principal turnover

by Amy Scott Oct 30, 2014
Half of new principals leave in their third year on the job.

What midterm election results could mean for budgets

by David Brancaccio Oct 30, 2014
Despite conventional wisdom, a Republican majority might not signal budget cuts.
Mid-day Update

PODCAST: Bring your own device

by David Brancaccio Oct 30, 2014
GDP growth, Tim Cook's announcement, and in-flight entertainment on your device.
Learning Curve

New rules from the U.S. Department of Education

by Mitchell Hartman Oct 30, 2014
The changes will address rising debt among grads of for-profit vocational programs.

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