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Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, June 18, 2015

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Airing on Thursday, June 18, 2015: European finance ministers are meeting today to what to do about the situation in Greece. We’ll talk about what action, if any, can be expected out of this meeting. And bird flu is sending the price of eggs higher, but oddly enough, it’s sending chicken prices lower. We’ll talk about why. Plus, what happens when most of your city workers can’t afford to live in the city? We take a closer look at Marin County in California, where the high median home price forces many workers to commute from elsewhere.


Segments From this episode

Why the $10 bill, not $20, will get a woman's portrait

by Nova Safo Jun 18, 2015
The original campaign was for a woman on the $20 bill, but the $10 bill won out.

Many Marin workers can't afford to live in Marin

by Krissy Clark Jun 18, 2015
What happens when most of your county's workers can’t afford to live in the county?

On Hawaii, a big telescope stirs conflict

by Jeff Tyler Jun 18, 2015
Native Hawaiians say mountaintop site for new observatory is sacred ground.

Why egg prices have been climbing while chicken prices are falling

by Annie Baxter Jun 18, 2015
Farms that produce chickens for meat are seeing exports drop, pushing prices down.

So you want to fund a film festival

by Adriene Hill Jun 18, 2015
What are the economics of film festivals, and why are there so many of them?
Mid-day Update

PODCAST: The new face of the $10 bill

by Mark Garrison Jun 18, 2015
The Fed pays attention to your shopping habits; a new face on the $10 bill; and the controversy surrounding an observatory in Hawaii.

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