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Jul 8, 2010

Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, July 8, 2010


Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, July 8, 2010

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BP optimistic it can fix oil well by July 27

BP thinks it can stop the oil leak by July 27, weeks ahead of schedule -- and also in time for the second-quarter earnings report.
Oil absorbent material lies on a beach as high winds and waves caused the cancellation of cleanup operations in Port Fourchon, La. -- July 7, 2010
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

How to fill up an hour-long LeBron James special

Jul 8, 2010
After a long, dramatic build-up, NBA star LeBron James will unveil his future tonight in an hour-long special. Will that really take an hour?

Michigan manufacturing workers re-educate for health careers

Jul 8, 2010
Workers in Grand Rapids, Mich. are facing the challenges of entering a new industry.

Companies back electric trucks with stimulus support

Jul 8, 2010
Some big-name corporations are backing an electric vehicle initiative in Kansas City, Mo. which has $32 million in stimulus support.

IMF raises forecast for global growth

Jul 8, 2010
The International Monetary Fund says the global economy and U.S. will grow faster than expected this year, but will slow down next year.

KKR's attempt to go public again bodes well for economy

Jul 8, 2010
As a barometer for the economy at large, the fact that major investing brand Kohlberg Kravis Roberts to trying to go public again is a good thing.

Investors push 2009 Bordeaux to over $1,000 a bottle

Jul 8, 2010
An exceptionally good Bordeaux is running at an exceptionally high price, with many buyers coming from China and Hong Kong.

Jobless claims fall to lowest level since May

Jul 8, 2010
About 454,000 people lost their jobs last week and filed for unemployment benefits, according to the Labor Department.
A job seeker shakes hands with a potential employer at a job fair in San Francisco
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Somali pirates hold 400 hostage

Jul 8, 2010
Somali pirates are holding an estimated 400 people hostage. Dozens of global Navies have tried to stop them. A small number have been caught and are being tried in Africa. Steve Chiotakis and the BBC's Simon Cox looks at how the problem is being tackled.

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