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Apr 9, 2009

Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, April 9, 2009

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A toxic assets deal for big investors

Apr 9, 2009
The Treasury Department is planning to allow people to invest in funds set up to buy toxic assets from banks. Steve Henn reports big Wall Street firms stand to make a killing if all goes well, but there are some risks involved.

Florida condos falling on blacklist

Apr 9, 2009
A group of condos have made a creditor blacklist for their involvement with speculators or prices in freefall. The issue is a result of new Fannie Mae lending practices and could shut down 1 in 4 Miami condos. Dan Grech reports.

Masters not a hole in one this year

Apr 9, 2009
The normally lucrative Masters Golf Tournament hasn't been a sure-fire bet for profits this year. Companies that serve VIPs during the tournament are down. Jennifer Collins reports.

Moving stock keeps retailers ahead

Apr 9, 2009
Too much inventory can hurt a store's bottom line, so chains like Costco and Wal-Mart have been making sure to be vigilant about keeping their inventories tight. Tamara Keith reports how this helps retailers in the long run.

GM still gets returns on classic cars

Apr 9, 2009
General Motors is putting some of its classic cars on the auction block today for the second time this year. The move saves GM on warehouse costs and makes some cash on the solid classic car market. Joel Rose reports.

Comparisons to 1930s miss big picture

Apr 9, 2009
A new academic commentary out this week says most comparisons of the economy now to The Great Depression are flawed. Renita Jablonski talks to economics correspondent Chris Farrell about what would be a more accurate barometer.

Fallout comes to Berkshire-Hathaway

Apr 9, 2009
Moody's has taken Berkshire-Hathaway's credit rating was down from its AAA score, which will likely make it harder for the company to borrow. Steve Chiotakis talks to Steve Henn about how else the move will affect business.

Shareholders against Hypo takeover

Apr 9, 2009
The German government is trying to nationalize Hypo Real Estate to save it from collapse. But two American shareholders disagree with the move, and are considering legal action. Stephen Beard reports.

Dublin unveils budget on crisis

Apr 9, 2009
Bank shares are down in Ireland today on growing fears about the state of the Irish economy. Earlier this week, Dublin unveiled a second emergency budget to deal with the deepening crisis there. Stephen Beard reports.

Wells Fargo offers market vitamin

Apr 9, 2009
Wells Fargo inspires a market rally while Costco and Wal-Mart offer pretty disappointing same-store numbers last quarter. Steve Chiotakis gets a deeper analysis of the markets this morning with Marketplace's Steve Henn.

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