Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, September 30, 2013

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The prospect of a government shutdown in the U.S. is having repercussions abroad. As the BP oil-spill trial enters its criminal phase, one key question needs to be answered to determine the huge fine BP will likely face -- how much oil was spilled into the Gulf? And some insurers won't cover the cost of proton beam therapy for cancer because they say its too high. So why are treatment centers still popping up across the country?

PODCAST: Looming government shutdown

An obscure tax could play an big role in government shutdown negotiations. How effective was the U.S. Special Inspector General's office for Iraq at eliminating abuse and fraud? And if Congress doesn't strike a deal it will impact jobs -- and the jobs report this Friday.

Health exchanges go live on Tuesday, but are the websites ready?

Americans will be able to go online to get health insurance "exchanges" on Tuesday. But there's concern some of these online sites aren't ready for prime time.
Posted In: ACA, Obamacare, health care, health exchanges

Medical device tax could play a role in spending negotiations

Lawmakers are running out of options to avoid a possible government shutdown, but a once obscure tax could now play an important role in negotiations.
Posted In: government shutdown, ACA, Obamacare, healthcare

Looming government shutdown sends vibrations abroad

The prospect of a government shutdown in the U.S. is having repercussions abroad.
Posted In: government shutdown, world

BP spill trial enters phase that's all about the money

A potentially huge fine looms as the BP oil-spill trial enters a new phase.
Posted In: Transocean, Halliburton

Iraq: Who watched the watchers?

The office established as the temporary oversight agency for Iraq reconstruction will cease operations.
Posted In: Iraq, afghanistan, government waste

Breaking through in the competitive app market

How do you get noticed in the world of apps, where there are millions?
Posted In: apps, development, app challenge, Tech

Expensive cancer treatment centers spreading to small cities

Even though they are not proven to be more effective than traditional treatment methods, more than a dozen proton beam therapy centers are under construction across the country, including one in Shreveport, Louisiana.
Posted In: Health, cancer, radiation, proton beam therapy, hospitals

Is technology making us better or worse?

What the tech is it all doing to us?
Posted In: Tech

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