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Marketplace Morning Report for Monday September 29, 2014

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First up, questions are being raised on whether Apple and other companies took advantage of illegal tax arrangements. The European Union is reportedly set to take Apple and Ireland to task for what regulators see as a sweetheart tax deal for the Silicon Valley giant. Plus, you think of the ATM as a way to get money, but a new study shows that increasingly, it’s the other way around. released a survey today showing that ATM fees are up as much as 5 percent in some parts of the country. And an update on the art of the steal: over the past few years there have been a number of legal spats between artists accusing other artists of swiping their concept. Richard Prince, or the late David Smith come to mind. Stealing art is legally okay…except when it’s not. More on how that vagueness is a thorn in the side of the expensive art market.

Segments From this episode

Modi visit throws spotlight on Indian-Americans

by Tracey Samuelson Sep 29, 2014
There are more than 3 million Indian-Americans, and many are prospering here.

How techies are reenvisioning restaurants

by Queena Kim Sep 29, 2014
Hungry? There's an algorithm for that ...

Artistic inspiration or piracy?

by Sabri Ben-Achour Sep 29, 2014
Does copyright law favor the famous?

ATM fees continue to rise

by Sally Herships Sep 29, 2014
Banks are making money by charging fees to customers of other banks.
Mid-day Update

PODCAST: The strength of the Indian-American community

by David Brancaccio Sep 29, 2014
AIG goes to trial, Narendra Modi visits the U.S. and food gets VC funding.

Biting the hand that feeds you?

by Nancy Marshall-Genzer Sep 29, 2014
Former CEO of AIG Hank Greenberg is suing over the 2008 bailout.

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