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Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, October 31, 2011

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Japan's central bank said today if it's going to help Europe with its debt problem, Europe first has to help itself. The rescue package Europe put together last week is relying on foreign help — a lot of it Japan and China. There are still millions without power in the Northeast this morning, after that Octsnowber storm that hit over the weekend. Passengers on a JetBlue plane were stranded on a tarmac in Hartford, Conn. for 7 hours. Many flights to New York's airports were diverted to Hartford, overwhelming the airport's infrastructure. The troubled securities firm MF Global is reportedly in a desperate hunt for a buyer this morning. The company, which is run by former New Jersey Senator and Governor Jon Corzine, saw its stock price and credit rating collapse last week, thanks to heavy bets on European debt.

Segments From this episode

Globalist Quiz

What's the total global stock value in the U.S.?

by Marketplace Contributor Oct 31, 2011
Stephan Richter administers his latest quiz, this time on the United States' global stock value.

With seven billion people comes economic opportunity

by Eve Troeh Oct 31, 2011
According to the United Nations, the global population hit seven billion today. That is a good thing for some countries, and not such a good thing for others.

Julia Coronado: Uncertainty surrounds European debt deal

by Jeremy Hobson Oct 31, 2011
The first U.S. casualty of the European debt crisis might be emerging, as questions remain about many details of the grand plan.

Qantas resumes flights after thousands stranded

by Jeremy Hobson Oct 31, 2011
Qantas flights are starting up again after the airline shutdown over the weekend in an effort to end a series of union strikes.
Mid-day Update

Mid-day Extra: This year's most popular Halloween costumes

by Marketplace Staff Oct 31, 2011
What were the most popular Halloween costumes this year around the U.S.?
BBC World Service

The lasting impacts of floods in Thailand

by Jeremy Hobson Oct 31, 2011
The government in Thailand says the worst of the flooding is probably over for central Bangkok. But the damage will be far reaching.

Winter comes early to the Northeast

by Steve Chiotakis Oct 31, 2011
An early snow storm in the northeastern part of the U.S. has left many without power... or Halloween.

Redbox raises prices on its DVDs

by Sally Herships Oct 31, 2011
The kiosk DVD-rental company gained when Netflix raised prices. Will it now face the same backlash?

The business of Halloween

by Jennifer Collins Oct 31, 2011
Some are finding business and money-making opportunities in usually D.I.Y. Halloween festivities.

Chinese investment in Europe could help tech companies

by Rob Schmitz Oct 31, 2011
Europe is depending on big help from China in its big bailout fund plan. China depends on Europe to buy its exports, but is that enough incentive to agree to the deal?

Beacon Power files bankruptcy

by Eve Troeh Oct 31, 2011
Another company funded by the Department of Energy is going bankrupt, but experts still stay that the Solyndra controversy hasn't tainted the solar industry overall.

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