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Financial markets overseas are falling sharply today thanks to the unusual terms of a bailout in Cyprus where a tax of up to 10 percent on bank deposits has been proposed to defray the cost of the bailout. The Republican party looks for a new tech guru. And a test of your international business knowledge with our global leadership quiz.

PODCAST: Cyprus tax, gambling tacks

An unusual bailout agreement in Cyprus calls for taxes on bank deposits. And, the Borgata casino in Atlantic City tries make customers more comfortable with online gambling.

Cyprus bailout tax causes alarm around the world

Julia Coronado, chief economist with the investment bank BNP Paribas, explains how the situation in Cyprus is rippling out to other economies around the world.
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Cyprus bailout: Depositors face tax, hurry to withdraw cash

Financial markets in Asia and Europe fell sharply today thanks to the unusual terms of the EU bailout of Cyprus. A tax of up to 10 percent on bank deposits in Cyprus was proposed to defray some of the cost of the bailout.
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5 things you need to know about Cyprus' economy

As Cyprus debates a controversial bailout plan to tax savings accounts, here are the five things you need to know about Cyprus, its economy, and why it is important to the global economic recovery.
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Patent race: Patent rules switch from first-to-invent to first-to-file

Monday is the first day on which patents will be awarded to the first filer of the patent not the first person to come up with an idea. Many worry this will favor applicants with big money behind them.
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A new tech guru for the Grand Old Party

The Republican party is looking for a chief technology officer as part of an effort to win more state and national elections.
Posted In: Republicans, Silicon Valley, Tech

Quiz: Which organizations change leadership the least?

Which has had fewer leadership changes in the last 100 years: The Catholic Church or General Electric?
Posted In: General Electric, Catholic church, ceo

Not your high school science fair: A radio postcard from the Intel Science Talent Search

A radio postcard from the annual Intel Science Talent Search, which gathers together high school students from around the country to show off their innovations.
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Lockheed Martin moves beyond weapons to clean water with graphene

Defense contractor Lockheed Martin has discovered a way to make desalination 100 times more efficient. And that could have a big impact on bringing clean drinking water to the developing world and war zones.
Posted In: lockheed martin, developing countries, defense contractors

Borgata hotel room gambling trains customers to go online

As states legalize online gambling, how does a casino hold on to customers? At the Borgata in Atlantic City, you can leave the casino floor and play the slots on a TV in your room.
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