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Marketplace Morning Report for Monday July 14, 2014

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A new study finds that “unhappy” cities in the U.S. may include many that might be expected – declining Rust Belt cities, for example – but many “happy” cities have similar economic attributes: low wages and low housing costs. What are the differences? Plus, GM says its victim compensation fund will be paid for out-of-pocket, not through liability insurance. Which made us wonder, what is liability insurance? What does it cover? Are there good and bad times to draw on it? We’ll explain. Also, today Marketplace’s Sustainability Desk kicks off a brand new series called “We Used to be China.” Our reporters are digging not only into China’s air pollution crisis….but looking back at our own.  And one thread they found running through the fight for clean air here in the U.S….…. WOMEN.  Not the  “ladies who lunch,”  exactly…but the ladies who club…and organize. And after, the smell of petrol. The sound of revving internal combustion engines. There are certain experiences common to all types of motor sport around the world. But later this year, racing fans will be presented with an alternative, when the Formula E world championship – designed exclusively for electric cars – is launched. The cars recently took to the track in anger for the first time, at the Donington Park circuit in Britain. The BBC’s – Theo Leggett – a confirmed petrol head – went along to find out more.

Segments From this episode

Who needs insurance? GM paying victims on its own.

by Kate Davidson Jul 14, 2014
General Motors isn't using liability insurance to pay ignition switch claims.
We used to be China

Women led air pollution protests from the start

by Sarah Gardner Jul 14, 2014
Women often partnered with scientists to make their case for cleaner air.
Mid-day Update

PODCAST: Sotheby's and eBay team up

by David Brancaccio Jul 14, 2014
Sotheby's and eBay team up, GM pays out of pocket, and racing cars go electric.

What brings people to cities with unhappy residents?

by Sally Herships Jul 14, 2014
A study suggests residents of Rust Belt cities tend to say they aren't happy.

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