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Marketplace Morning Report for Monday December 22, 2014

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Airing on Monday, December 22, 2014: More on the news that International Monetary Fund policies meant some West African countries underfunded their healthcare systems, possibly hampering the fight against Ebola. Plus, since gas is cheaper, we look at whether support for higher gas taxes has increased in states where they’ve been proposed. And health insurance premiums have seen dramatic increases that outpace inflation, but one thing has stayed the same: We know as little about the quality that your money buys you today, as we did 25 years ago.

Segments From this episode

Sony plans to offer first Internet-based cable TV

by Nova Safo Dec 22, 2014
The new year promises several new Internet-based streaming TV offerings.

Is cheaper gas an opening for higher gas taxes?

by Scott Tong Dec 22, 2014
Many states are running out of money to maintain highways.
The Marketplace Inflation Calculator

The math behind health care's crazy inflation

by Dan Gorenstein Dec 22, 2014
Costs keep going up, but what about value?

Apartment shortage is forcing up rents

by Adam Allington Dec 22, 2014
Investors who bought rental properties find they can now raise rents.
Mid-day Update

PODCAST: Prescription neutrality

by David Brancaccio Dec 22, 2014
Prescription neutrality, high rent, and SonyTV.

A new drug becomes the only option for some patients

by Dan Weissmann Dec 22, 2014
Prescription-drug benefit company makes an exclusive deal with drug-maker.

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