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Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, August 3, 2015

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Airing on August, 3, 2015: With the Athens exchange is due to re-open Monday — it has been closed for more than a month as Greece negotiated with creditors  — we look at the effects of the exchange’s return to business. Auto sales numbers are also out Monday. June sales hit a high for recent months, but the greatest marketing scheme in the auto industry may be convincing people to lease, guaranteeing a repeat customer in two to three years. Plus, we’ve been hearing right through the recession and recovery that people are dropping out of the workforce. That is, except older people. For many middle- and working-class seniors, staying on the job well into one’s 70’s is the only ‘financial plan’ left.

Segments From this episode

Greeks in crisis

Athens stock exchange reopens

by Stephen Beard Aug 3, 2015
...and it has promptly plunged by more than 22 percent.

President Obama to unveil plans addressing climate change

by Marketplace Staff Aug 3, 2015
The aim is to cut greenhouse gas emissions by nearly a third within 15 years.

Many boomers can't afford to retire

by Mitchell Hartman Aug 3, 2015
Lost wealth from the recession and longer life expectancy are partly to blame.

Your electric car may be a carbon polluter

by Adam Allington Aug 3, 2015
Some electric cars may cause more carbon pollution than a standard gasoline engine.

How leasing boosted the auto industry

by Dan Weissmann Aug 3, 2015
Consumers end up back in the market two or three years later.

The winners and losers in new emissions rule

by Nancy Marshall-Genzer Aug 3, 2015
On the losing side of the new rules: coal.
Mid-day Update

PODCAST: Electric car pollution

by Molly Wood Aug 3, 2015
Consumer spending for June, and electric car pollution.

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