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Marketplace Morning Report for Friday September 26, 2014

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The FBI says companies are losing thousands, if not millions of dollars, in stolen trade secrets and other valuable data when disgruntled former employees hack behind company firewalls. One problem is the increased use of the so-called “cloud” in the form of Dropbox or Google docs. That’s making it relatively easy for folks to gain access to their former jobs. And as Marketplace celebrates its 25th birthday this year, we are looking at the surprising,  sometimes delightful and sometimes destructive ways that prices have changed during that quarter century. For example, a medium capacity window air conditioner, in 80’s style faux wood paneling could be had for $300.  Factor in inflation and that’s like $575 now.  An equivalent 8000 BTU window AC unit, again Kenmore, today goes for just $219. But although the price tag is way cheaper in real terms, here’s the concern when it comes to household budgets and climate change: when something like this gets so much cheaper, it changes our behavior. 

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The Marketplace Inflation Calculator

The price of AC units has cooled down

by David Brancaccio Sep 26, 2014
Inflation can also tell us how we're using energy differently.

Happy 100th, FTC

by David Gura Sep 26, 2014
The Federal Trade Commission was created 100 years ago today.

Taking patient ‘happiness’ more seriously

by Dan Gorenstein Sep 26, 2014
Health care takes a page from the hospitality industry playbook.

Unhappy workers are retaliating digitally

by Kate Davidson Sep 26, 2014
The FBI says disgruntled employees hack their employers and cost them enormously.

U.S. government releases a second revision of GDP

by Noel King Sep 26, 2014
Nearly every category was up. But growth can be deceptive.
Mid-day Update

PODCAST: The price of AC cools down

by David Brancaccio Sep 26, 2014
Bill Gross' big move, the FTC turns 100 and AC units cool down in price.

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