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Marketplace Morning Report for Friday July 04, 2014

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Transit fares are going up this summer in a few different cities. We look at where the fare increases are, why operating costs are rising and why fares alone aren’t enough to keep transit systems economically viable. Plus, data from credit service Experian shows Americans are paying down their credit card debt slowly, but some states are finding it more difficult than others. People who live in Alaska, New Jersey, and Connecticut hold the highest balances. We find out what factors contribute to people in certain states holding more credit card debt. And after, a defining sight in the booming oil fields of North Dakota is flames flaring from the top of wells — burning off natural gas that escapes during pumping. It’s a big waste of energy, and money. 

Segments From this episode

Before Facebook, there was Tuskegee and Milgram

by Dan Weissmann Jul 3, 2014
How research ethics rules came to be. Dramatically.

With credit card debt, not all states are equal

by Conrad Wilson Jul 4, 2014
What factors contribute to people in certain states holding more credit card debt?

North Dakota oil wells drain energy and money

by Dan Gorenstein Jul 4, 2014
Fracking oil wells burn off as much a third of the natural gas they release.

Here comes yet another increase in transit fares

by Tracey Samuelson Jul 4, 2014
We look at where transit fare increases are and why operating costs are rising.

Hollywood turns to... taxidermy?

by Shara Morris Jul 4, 2014
Movie and TV studios save money by renting dead animals.
Mid-day Update

PODCAST: European banks leery of Bitcoin

by David Brancaccio Jul 4, 2014
Bitcoin in the EU. Gas prices and mass transit. And, food waste in India.

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