Marketplace Morning Report for Friday, January 17, 2014

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President Obama is expected to announce some changes to the National Security Agency today. But are Americans really bothered by NSA surveillance? The NAACP is issuing a report card on diversity in the banking industry, and it doesn’t look good. The highest grade was a C+. And Shell Oil Company reported significantly weaker profits. The oil giant says it was hit by higher exploration costs and lower oil and gas volumes. 

PODCAST: Surprise! Smoking is a lot worse than we all thought

Hey Smoking, you can add diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis to your list too! Studying abroad in Latin America gets a big boost. And when keeping up with the Jones' means getting your own private water well.

President Obama scales back NSA surveillance

In a speech today, President Obama spoke about changes to the NSA's programs. He called for an end to the NSA holding on to call data and aimed to find a balance.
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Turns out smoking causes more than just cancer and lung disease

A new report out by the Surgeon General says smoking is a lot worse than we thought.
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Oil giant Shell has a nasty surprise for the markets

The company is reporting weak profits. Shell says it was hit by higher exploration costs and lower oil and gas volumes.
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Google buys Nest plus a silly mix-up: This week's Silicon Tally

This week's Silicon Tally has some interesting Google & Nest news. How closely have you been following the tech happenings this week?
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Banks aim for diversity at the top. Can they do more?

Plus a poll: Do you think your bank cares about diversity?
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No watering your lawn ... except for those who can afford their own private well

Austin has banned watering lawns and raised rates for city water. So affluent residents are drilling private wells.
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Studying abroad in Latin America gets a big boost

A new initiative calls for more than doubling the number of U.S. students who study abroad in Latin America and the Caribbean, and vice versa.
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Do Americans even care about Obama's NSA reforms?

There's evidence that revelations of National Security Agency data-collecting has changed online behavior of Americans in minor ways.
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