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Aug 1, 2008

Marketplace Morning Report for Friday, August 01, 2008


Markteplace Morning Report for Friday, August 01, 2008

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The value of Yahoo beyond its search

Aug 1, 2008
Yahoo! holds its annual shareholder meeting today in San Jose, and the company's stock has been languishing. But despite losing the search engine wars to Google, Yahoo offers a lot of value. Mitchell Hartman reports.

BMW falls bigger in bad times

Aug 1, 2008
BMW's earnings in the second quarter fell sharply due to the rising cost of production. Stephen Beard explores the volatility of the premium market and where the auto maker will be shifting market focus to catch up.

Economic factors to keep driving down

Aug 1, 2008
If the price of oil continues to drop and gas becomes more affordable, will drivers spend more time burning fuel again? Ashley Milne-Tyte reports drivers will likely continue to hold back due to other economic concerns.

Indian company interested in Hummer

Aug 1, 2008
An Indian tractor company is interested in General Motors' Hummer. Scott Jagow talks to reporter Mehul Srivastava in New Delhi about the company's interest in breaking into the U.S. market and why they're getting involved.

Fuel prices hurt British Airways' profits

Aug 1, 2008
British Airways was once the world's most profitable airline, but fuel prices have knocked down profits almost 90 percent this quarter. Jennifer Collins reports the company tried hedging fuel prices, but it's not working.

Comcast to face ruling from FCC

Aug 1, 2008
The FCC is coming down on cable provider Comcast for allegedly blocking content from a competitor. Janet Babin reports some consumer groups expect the FCC annoucement to be a historic message to policymakers and Wall Street.

How Gen X handles a rough economy

Aug 1, 2008
Influenced by the sudden downturn in the 90's, Generation X'ers are notorious for their "slacker chic." Stacey Vanek-Smith talks to Lisa Chamberlain, author of "Slackonomics," which covers Gen X and their take on economy.
Bungee jumper from the cover of "Slackonomics"

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