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Sep 17, 2007

Marketplace AM for September 17, 2007

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Segments From this episode

Greenspan begins 'Turbulence' tour

Sep 17, 2007
Alan Greenspan is on tour in support of his memoir, "The Age of Turbulence," in which he describes how he managed market crises over 18 years. But some economists think he may have encouraged the tumultuous ride. Jill Barshay reports.

Brits go on a bank run

Sep 17, 2007
Thousands of Northern Rock customers lined up in branches around England over the weekend to withdraw their money from the credit-crunched bank. Stephen Beard told Scott Jagow it was reminiscent of another bank run from decades before.

Poverty no obstacle for health care

Sep 17, 2007
A new program starts today in San Francisco that will cover uninsured residents below the federal poverty level. Helen Palmer explains why part of the funding, which comes from an emergency care fund, won't be enough.

Not all favor SCHIP expansion

Sep 17, 2007
Congress is considering whether to expand the children's health insurance program SCHIP to cover middle-class kids and even some adults. As John Dimsdale reports, the White House is threatening to veto.

Ruling won't dethrone Microsoft

Sep 17, 2007
A European court found Microsoft guilty of breaking competition law and not ensuring software compatibility. But Stephen Beard reports that the ruling might not have a major effect on the company's market dominance.

SEC down one commissioner

Sep 17, 2007
Democratic SEC commissioner Roel Campos is stepping down this week, leaving the balance of the group tipped towards Republican favor. Jeremy Hobson looks into how this might affect decision-making.

Higher taxes are good for Mexico

Sep 17, 2007
Mexican companies are applauding a revamped tax code after over two decades of political deadlock. Dan Grech explains why the tax overhaul could be good news for global investors.

Soda companies still sweet on schools

Sep 17, 2007
A report out today shows that soda sales in U.S. public schools are falling. But as Steve Henn reports, a majority of the beverages being sold are still full of sugar.

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