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Sep 14, 2006

Marketplace AM for September 14, 2006

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Segments From this episode

Loan defaults on rise

Sep 14, 2006
Foreclosures are up over a year ago according to figures released yesterday. Rachel Dornhelm reports.

Target's Bullseye goes upscale

Sep 14, 2006
Discount retailer Target has ventured into the world of high fashion with the Tar-zhay Couture label. Will it impact the company's value brand? Sarah Lemancyzk reports.

Man Conference kicks off

Sep 14, 2006
Yes, that's right, a Man Conference. Advertisers gather in New York today to figure out how to sell more stuff to men. Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.

AMA lobbying Congress over Medicare cuts

Sep 14, 2006
The doctor's lobby jumps into election-year politicking this week with a campaign to get Congress to roll back cuts on Medicare payments. Nancy Marshal Genzer reports.

Google gets charitable

Sep 14, 2006
Google's philanthropic arm,, will be run under for-profit status. Janet Babin looks at what that means for the charity.

Russian central banker assassinated

Sep 14, 2006
The second in command at Russia's central bank was shot dead last night in Moscow. Andrei Kozlov had been cracking down on money laundering. Stephen Beard reports.

Congress questioning non-profit hospitals

Sep 14, 2006
New findings from Senate investigators conclude that many not-for-profit hospitals are not fulfilling their charge of caring for the poor and uninsured. Helen Palmer reports.

Will hybrid sales follow gas prices down?

Sep 14, 2006
If gas prices continue to fall, that's good news for motorists. But what does it mean for sales of hybrid vehicles? Janet Babin reports.

World economy's on a roll

Sep 14, 2006
The International Monetary Fund says the world is headed toward the strongest four-year expansion since the early '70s thanks to a strong showing by China and India. Jocelyn Ford reports.

German engineer shortage

Sep 14, 2006
German engineering is considered among the best in the world. But as Kyle James reports, engineering's appeal as a career is dropping among German students.

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