Sep 11, 2006

Marketplace AM for September 11, 2006

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Business at Ground Zero

Sep 11, 2006
Judy Martin reports on how small businesses in the shadow of Ground Zero have fared since 9-11.

Will HP fire its chairwoman?

Sep 11, 2006
Hewlett Packard's board will consider today whether the company's chairwoman should lose her job over the recent pretexting scandal. Ashley Milne-Tyte has the story.

China taking its cut of information sales

Sep 11, 2006
China has issued rules that ban foreign news agencies like the Associated Press from going directly to customers in China. They'll have to sell their news, photos and financial information via the state-owned news agency, Xinhua. Jocelyn Ford reports.

New Clean Air rules

Sep 11, 2006
The EPA is taking public comments on new clean air rules that have environmentalists squaring off against businesses. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports.

Trying to stop terror financing

Sep 11, 2006
A top U.S. treasury official arrives in Europe today in an effort to hinder Iran's ability to finance terror groups. Scott Tong reports.

Vista may not appeal to everyone

Sep 11, 2006
Microsoft's soon-to-be released operating system Vista may not be a big draw among owners of older computers. Jason Paur explains.

Putting a price on loss

Sep 11, 2006
A 9-11 widow recounts the difficulty of having to calculate a monetary value for the loss of her husband to receive payment from the Victims Compensation Fund.

OPEC not expected to cut production

Sep 11, 2006
The price of a barrel of oil continues to fall as members of the oil producing group OPEC meet in Vienna today. But they're not expected to try to push up prices — at least not yet. Stephen Beard reports.

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