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Oct 24, 2005

Marketplace AM for October 24, 2005

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Segments From this episode

If you can make it there

Oct 24, 2005
Editors at <em>Inc. Magazine</em> and rate New York the 184th-best place to set up and operate a business. What can be done — and who's finding a way to make it pay? Bob Moon reports.

Vietnam eyes China's model

Oct 24, 2005
On Monday, Vietnam raise is cap on foreign ownership of domestic companies — a sign that the nation is eager to follow China's model of economic development. Jocelyn Ford reports.

Earnings report card

Oct 24, 2005
The earnings season is more than half way through, but already the lessons of the third quarter are clear. Stacey Vanek-Smith reports.

The team

Stephen Ryan Producer, BBC

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