Oct 22, 2007

Marketplace AM for October 22, 2007

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Big banks are leaking from the SIVs

Oct 22, 2007
The Treasury Department is rescuing big banks all over the country from poor investment decisions. Fortune Magazine's Allan Sloan explains to Scott Jagow how the government is saving them from "SIVs."

EPA makes California fume

Oct 22, 2007
California state officials are getting impatient with the Environmental Protection Agency over regulating greenhouse gas rules. So Governor Schwarzenegger has threated to sue if a decision isn't made by midnight. Sarah Gardner has more.

A chill on Muslim giving

Oct 22, 2007
In 2001, the U.S. government shut down Islamic charity The Holy Land Foundation on claims that it supported Palestinian terrorist groups. Jill Barshay reports many other big Islamic charities have also closed their doors.

More worries for European markets

Oct 22, 2007
European financial ministers had no reassurance over the weekend's G7 meeting that the U.S. dollar would climb out of its low standing against the euro. Megan Williams has more on the market climate overseas.

Everyone benefits from good leaders

Oct 22, 2007
Former Mozambique President Joaquim Chissano is the first winner of the Mo Ibrahim prize, worth $5 million. The award also serves to motivate good governance. Eleanor Beardsley has more.

Losses are from fear, not foreign trade

Oct 22, 2007
Recent polls show U.S. confidence in foreign trade is down drastically from five years ago. Commentator Will Wilkinson pegs the decline on consumers' preoccupation with all that could go wrong.

First the world, then the moon

Oct 22, 2007
China has given itself a 15-year deadline to put a man on the moon. But before it reaches for the sky, it wants to use its power to get ahead in a tech industry on Earth. Bill Marcus has more.

AMD's got a chip on its shoulder

Oct 22, 2007
Despite allegations of cheating from main competitor AMD, the Federal Trade Commission will not be investigating microprocessor maker Intel for its methods of dominating the market. But AMD won't give up there. Jeremy Hobson reports.

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