Oct 18, 2005

Marketplace AM for October 18, 2005

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Up in smoke

Oct 18, 2005
For generations, France's signature cigarettes have been Gitanes and Gauloises. But Eleanor Beardsley reports that times are changing on the left bank.

High-stakes labor dispute for high-kickers

Oct 18, 2005
The Rockettes are getting ready for their popular Christmas season. But a labor dispute threatens to hamstring the dance troupe during its busiest time of the year. Mallory Kasdan reports from New York.

Deluxe airplane in the sky

Oct 18, 2005
Starting today, a new airline will offer passengers all-business-class service between New York and London. Ashely Milne-Tyte reports on Eos Airlines.

Selling GMAC? Hmm...

Oct 18, 2005
In an effort to get back into the black, GM is considering selling its profitable GMAC financing arm. Cheryl Glaser looks at the wisdom of the move.

The team

Stephen Ryan Producer, BBC