Oct 16, 2007

Marketplace AM for October 16, 2007

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Italian TV viewers avoid reality

Oct 16, 2007
In response to poor ratings, television networks in Italy are no longer buying reality TV shows. Scott Jagow talks to Megan Williams in Rome about what made Italians lose interest.

Tapping into more protection

Oct 16, 2007
Telecoms want Congress to give them sweeping immunity from penalties for privacy violation. But Steve Henn reports the phone companies already have immunity.

Weak dollar, sky-high oil

Oct 16, 2007
Oil is close to $88 a barrel this morning. Doug Krizner talks to Javier Blas of the Financial Times about what's causing the record high.

Ericsson profits are way down

Oct 16, 2007
Cell-phone maker Ericsson profits are down more than 25 percent. Kyle James looks into what's behind the company's weak sales -- and why they may actually be ahead of the mobile phone industry's earnings curve.

Citigroup profits are even worse

Oct 16, 2007
Citigroup earnings are down by more than half in the third quarter, its biggest decline in three years. And billions more in losses could be on the way for other financial institutions as well. Chris Farrell takes an in-depth look.

No money for us, no money for you

Oct 16, 2007
Public pension fund CalPERS is considering a plan to pay fund managers only if they perform well. If they don't beat certain benchmarks, they'll make nothing. Jeff Tyler reports.

Candidates' motto: Spend to earn

Oct 16, 2007
The numbers are in for what presidential candidates pulled from fundraisers over the summer, and the Democrats raised twice the amount as the Republicans. But candidates from both parties are spending more than they're raising. Dan Grech reports.

Glossies display troubled market

Oct 16, 2007
House and Garden magazine is attempting to win readers by posing editor Dominique Browning in the window of a Crate and Barrel. Jill Barshay reports stunts like these are becoming more common for glossies.

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