Oct 13, 2006

Marketplace AM for October 13, 2006

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Another online music store

Oct 13, 2006
Best Buy launches its online music store this weekend. Countless others have gotten into the business dominated by iTunes, but does this one have a chance to compete? Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.

Drought forces farmers to labor markets

Oct 13, 2006
In the wake of a severe drought that's destroyed the area's crops, farmers in southwest China are desperate to find work that will take them through the winter. Jocelyn Ford has the story.

Still debating North Korea sanctions

Oct 13, 2006
Major global powers at the UN are getting closer to an agreement to impose sanctions on North Korea. But the current draft won't allow use of military force, Jocelyn Ford reports.

Hollywood hearts Halloween

Oct 13, 2006
Rachel Dornhelm counts the many ways Tinseltown loves October 31.

Hyundai feeling the LUV

Oct 13, 2006
Hyundai releases its latest car model and it isn't a hybrid. It's a luxury SUV. David Welch tells us why it could be a good move for the carmaker.

OPEC chasing gas prices

Oct 13, 2006
We've heard a lot about the ever-rising price of oil. Now that it's dropping, there seems to be no stopping it. But consumers shouldn't rest easy just yet, Nancy Marshall Genzer reports.

It's gourmet baby

Oct 13, 2006
These days parents are shelling out more than $3 a jar for pesto pasta, quinoa and other gourmet fare for baby. Lisa Napoli takes a look at the growing business.

Know when to fold 'em

Oct 13, 2006
Hours ahead of an Internet gambling ban set to be signed into law by President Bush, Britain's online gambling company Sportingbet sold its U.S. operations to private investors — for $1. Eleanor Beardsley reports.

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