Oct 12, 2006

Marketplace AM for October 12, 2006

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Attention, we have a deficit disorder

Oct 12, 2006
Another day, another record. But this time we're not talking about the Dow. The U.S. imported $70 billion more than we exported in August. Scott Tong looks at what's behind our sky-high trade deficit.

New day for CEOs

Oct 12, 2006
The recent spate of CEO departures has many people wondering what it takes to lead a company these days. The times are a-changin' for corporate top-dogs, Steve Tripoli reports.

Putting dollars behind those green ambitions

Oct 12, 2006
It's easy to say you support the environment, but will Californians put their money where their mouths are? The state is trying to build a million solar roofs by 2017. Sarah Gardner reports.

Charge it to investors

Oct 12, 2006
MasterCard recently went public, now Visa says it's planning to do the same. Ashley Milne-Tyte looks at why the biggest names in credit cards are going public now.

North Korea situation requires restraint

Oct 12, 2006
As the international community continues to debate the best way to discourage North Korea's nuclear ambitions, some analysts warn coming down too hard on the country could backfire. Amelia Templeton reports.

NCAA tax status in question

Oct 12, 2006
Host Mark Austin Thomas speaks with business of sports expert David Carter about the NCAA and the heat it's taking for its tax exempt status.

AT&T + BellSouth = Bad for consumers?

Oct 12, 2006
The FCC is scheduled to vote Friday on AT&T's proposed buyout of BellSouth. Some say the $78 billion union should go through without a hitch, but critics say it's bad for consumers — and competition. Lisa Napoli reports.

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