Nov 8, 2006

Marketplace AM for November 8, 2006

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Accounting firms want change

Nov 8, 2006
At a meeting in Paris today, the world's biggest accounting firms are calling for a major shake-up in the way companies report their performance. Stephen Beard reports.

Dems, keep your eyes on the prize

Nov 8, 2006
Now that Democrats have won back power in the House, commentator Robert Reich suggests the party to resist the urge to go after the GOP. He says they need to set a new course for America if they want a…

But do we want it to do everything?

Nov 8, 2006
Samsung unveils a new device that's a cell phone, digital music player and personal computer all in one. Will it rival iPod? Possibly — but gadgets that do it all haven't fared well in the U.S. before, Janet Babin reports.

Federated posts a loss

Nov 8, 2006
The department store retail giant is having a hard time winning over former Robinsons-May and Marshall Fields customers. That's hurting the bottom line, but a makeover is in the works. Steve Tripoli reports.

Overtaxed in India

Nov 8, 2006
A new study says India has the world's most burdensome tax laws — and that's not good for business, Miranda Kennedy reports from New Delhi.

Wall Street rooting for gridlock on the Hill

Nov 8, 2006
Host Scott Jagow and John Dimsdale look at what went wrong for Republicans — and why investors don't seem to mind. In fact, Wall Street even seems to like the idea of a divided Congress.

Funding stem cell research

Nov 8, 2006
Despite the outcome of Tuesday's ballot initiative in Missouri, the debate over embryonic stem cell research isn't likely to end soon. Meantime, funding for the research continues to grow. Helen Palmer reports.

Winds of change blowing in Washington

Nov 8, 2006
New Democratic strength in Congress will likely bring some changes in economic policies. Host Mark Austin Thomas talks to Marketplace's Washington bureau chief John Dimsdale about what's ahead.

Save the slopes

Nov 8, 2006
Ski resorts are getting political as global warming threatens to melt their bottom line. Sam Eaton reports.

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