Nov 8, 2005

Marketplace AM for November 8, 2005

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Not-so-blockbuster earnings

Nov 8, 2005
Blockbuster is expected to report a third quarter loss today. Efforts to adjust its brick-and-mortar business model to compete with on-line DVD distribution don't appear to be working. Jeff Tyler reports.

Dueling drug measures in California

Nov 8, 2005
Competing ballot initiatives before voters in California today look to address the rising cost of prescription drugs. The primary differences lie in who supports them and how regulated they would be. Tamara Keith reports.

Grokster takes a napster

Nov 8, 2005
The peer-to-peer file sharing service has shut down as part of a lawsuit settlement with movie and music companies. As Brian Watt reports, it's the end of an era.

Smoke gets in your eyes

Nov 8, 2005
The deadline is today for nations to ratify a treaty regulating tobacco advertising and smoking warnings across the globe. As Lisa Napoli reports, the U.S. wont be one of those nations.

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